• Unique mat & workout based exercise programme

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We are dedicated to your good foot health

At Foot Stop our Podiatrists have a wide range of advice, treatments and experience to care for you and your feet. All of our podiatrists have trained to degree level and have extensive experience in the treatment of all types of foot conditions. Do not suffer with foot pain or discomfort when relief is just a phone call/email away. Put your feet in our expert hands!

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Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm


Expert Foot Care

  • Treatment of all common problems
  • Orthotics Fitting
  • Foot Health Check
  • Relaxing Chiropody Treatment
  • Verrucae Treatment + Nail Surgery

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Footcheck Mat

Footcheck Mat and workout is a unique exercise programme that helps you to focus on your feet and ankles to help improve strength, mobility, appearance, posture and balance.

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The Foundation of Good Posture starts in your Feet